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Michael and Tyesha

Noetik Media was founded in 2018, marking Tyesha's transition from her acrylic art business into the early stages of her digital marketing brand. Starting with just a few clients from friends and family, she successfully established Noetik Media as the ideal partner for individuals eager to launch their business or brand but uncertain where to begin. Over the years, Tyesha has become a specialist in completely redesigning the overall digital aesthetics of various brands transforming their online presence and helping clients to increase this sales!

In recent years, Tyesha's mission has been further strengthened by the addition of her partner, Michael. Together, they form a dynamic team dedicated to creating visually appealing and user-friendly content for clients across the nation and in nearby countries. Michael brings a fresh perspective and an alternative creative touch to projects that need that extra something special. Their combined expertise allows them to find the best solutions and execute innovative ideas as a powerful and cohesive force.

With a deep commitment to helping clients achieve their digital marketing goals, Noetik Media continues to thrive, offering tailored services that make launching and growing a brand both achievable and exciting.

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